The Investment Management System (TIMS)

Customizing your investment plan to meet
your goals...
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The Investment Management System (TIMS) is a
program that provides you with a personal
investment strategy based on your goals, timeframe,
and tolerance for risk.  With TIMS, we as advisors
have a wealth of resources available to select the
appropriate asset classes and investment styles that
will develop a cohesive, customized, long-term plan.
We will be able to monitor, adjust, and rebalance your
investments as necessary. “Do-it-yourself” investors
often buy and sell with their emotions rather than
basing their investment decisions on the sound
financial advice of a professional. Smart investors take comfort in a financial advisor’s professional guidance and disciplined investment process.

How It Works...

  • Clarifying Your Objectives
- First, we sit down with you to discuss what is important to you and thoroughly assess
  your current financial picture to determine what investment strategy is appropriate for
- A personalized Investment Strategy Summary is written delineating your goals and
  investment strategy which serves as the guide for the ongoing management of your
  • Strategic Allocation Process
- As your overall money manager, we prefer a passive management approach verses active
  management. We believe it is difficult to time the market and feel the best approach is to
  properly allocate your portfolio for your risk and retain objectives, and to stay fully
  invested throughout the various market cycles.
- We determine our asset classes and allocations based not on short-term market predictions
  but on a three to five year capital market outlook. 
- We have created a variety of model portfolios for conservative to aggressive investors.
  • Flexibility of Money Manager Selection
- We select from over 7,000 no-load funds available on Pershings platform.
- Each manager is selected carefully and monitored for the portfolios based on investment
  style, track record, expenses, performance and risk characteristics. 
- We prefer to use active managers that have flexibility to select the individual securities in
  their fund verses passive managers (e.g., ETF's and index funds).
  • Removal of Conflicts of Interest That Can Accompany Commission-Based Investing
- All holdings are purchased with no loads (sales charges) and with minimal transaction
  costs so that the advisor's compensation is aligned with the client's objectives.
- Fees are fully disclosed and plainly seen on statements.

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